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Cornice and panels
Cornice and panels
I have copper cornice, trim, panels, downspouts and downspout brackets all of which came off of the oldest buildings still standing, built in 1914, from the first general hospital built in Indianapolis, Indiana also known as Wishard hospital. Wishard was started in 1880 after the Civil war ended. The name of the building is the Burdsal building. The Burdsal building was built due to insufficient city funding and overcrowding. Information about the building can be found on the web and the Indianapolis Star newspaper which ran an article about the building due to it being demolished this year to make way for a new hospital. I have a few articles that I am attaching that give some historical information on the building along with pictures of the items before they were removed from the building. I am working on getting all the historical documentation on the building and the local businessman it was named after. Below is the breakdown of what I have.
72 pieces, 611 feet Range in size of 7 feet to 10 feet with a couple 5 feet pieces
Total weight 3230 lbs
13 Panels, 2 sections of 3 piece panels, Two smaller panels half of the size seen here
Most of the panels are as you see them here however some came apart as individual panel pieces
Total weight 241 lbs
Cornice with round deco pieces, 41 pieces Range in length of 6-9 feet with a couple longer pieces and a couple shorter pieces. For a total length of 330 feet and total weight of 875lbs
All trim has the total amount of pieces and length as the above cornice but with a total weight of 490lbs
3 round downspouts, 4 square down spouts, 1 loose elbows, 2 decorative water basins, 3 gutter brackets Total weight 93.5
Total length of inside corners outside corners and inside and outside corners attached 166 feet and a total weight of 715
3 inside corners, 8 outside corners, 3 Z shaped
Contact : Dwayne May, Indiana, USA. Tel: 7657920352.
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Price : $4.00 per pound
Provenance : yes

Location : USA > Indiana
Category : Architectural METALWORK
Type : Reclaimed / Salvaged
ID : 88652
User : 51619 ; Diyer/Homeowner/Private ; (Registered SalvoWEB user for 1 year)
Date Created : 15 Apr 2015 18:37:10
Date Modified : 02 Oct 2016 15:39:34;
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