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I am look for 4 to 8 salvaged malt kiln floor tiles. Typically approximat my 12"x12" and about 1" thick with circular patterns of small holes cast through. Color is not important, will pay shipping to US.
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Location : USA > Georgia
Category : Salvage
ID : 102320
User : 55910 ; Diyer/Homeowner/Private ; (Registered SalvoWEB user for less than 1 week)
Date Created : 27 Sep 2017 12:59:39
Date Modified : 27 Sep 2017 12:59:46;
Inspired by HGTV, my wife has asked me for something in a similar vein, and I'm needing a salvaged fan as the core.

Spcifically, we're looking for a drum-stye of fan (fan encased in a cylinder). The key features we need from the fan are:
Large diameter (around 36" or so)
Ideally contained within a metal cylinder (around 18-24" deep, but I can fabricate that if necessary)
Aged, but in good enough condition to be repainted
The fan itself doesn't need to function, but would like the various attachments to be present.

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Location : USA > Kentucky
Category : Salvage
ID : 87506
User : 51305 ; Diyer/Homeowner/Private ; (Registered SalvoWEB user for less than 1 week)
Date Created : 14 Feb 2015 23:50:23
Date Modified : 14 Feb 2015 23:55:07;
Looking to buy reclaimed cast iron (or similar) street poles with lights/lamps. Interested in small or large quantities.
Contact : Gavin Historical Bricks, Iowa, USA. Tel: 319 354 5251.
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Location : USA > Iowa
Category : Salvage
ID : 36188
User : 30489 ; Antique/Reclamation/Salvage Trade ; (Registered SalvoWEB user for 2 years or more)
Date Created : 02 Jan 2008 20:42:15
Date Modified : 16 Sep 2015 18:49:19;
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